With the new trend of energy-saving households, potential fireplace buyers look for inserts suitable to be used in modern housing with active as well as passive recuperation systems.

Voger family of products is the latest addition to NORDflam assortment of fireplace inserts to be installed in such houses. The inserts are equipped with external air supply (CDP) system as a standard feature of the product, which makes it an ideal solution for energy-efficient housing. The VOGER family of products also meet the strict norms and standards of German BImSchV II.

With its sleek steel façade, directly connected decorative glass panes, chamotte-lined furnace and smooth, stainless steel door handle, these steel fireplace inserts are the perfect complementation of contemporary interiors. Its output range of 8 kW to 14 kW and the height of 138 cm, makes it suitable for every living room and large saloon, even with significant heating requirements. The innovative construction of VOGER locking mechanism presses the door tightly against the furnace of the insert. This feature, along with one-lever air supply adjustment, guarantees a tight seal and, as a consequence, better combustion properties and efficiency. Its directly connected side glass panes lets you enjoy greater vison of fire, creating relaxing, warm atmosphere of comfort and harmony with nature.

Product Characteristics:

12 kW - Nominal output
77 % - Energy efficiency
0,10 % - CO emission with 13% O2
280 °C - Fumes temperature
180 mm - Exhaust pipe diameter
120 m2 - Heating surface – parameter is based on the islation of the building (1kW x 10 m2)
163 kg
717 x  1235 x 518 mm
Drewno  - Seasoned hardwood, wood briquette
100 mm
- standard  - CDP System - External air supply from outside. Using CDP system enables the insert to function independently from the air inside the building. Using CDP we can adjust the efficiency of the product and lower the emission of harmful substances to the environment. The air from outside enters the furnace via stub pipe mounted at the base of the insert. The stub pipe can be installed under the base of or at the back of the insert.
Double deflector extends the fumes path, increasing the temperature reflected to the room and the efficiency of the insert
Glass with decor - Glass with black décor
Grill separates the ash from the burning fuel
Adjustable legs of the insert – levels the insert
Heat-resistant glass, withstanding the temperature up to 700°C
Side glass
Air curtain prevents the sooth from settling on the glass
Chamotte-lined furnace - increases the internal temperature of the insert and its parameters, reducing the emission of harmful substances to the environment
Warranty 5 years

Parametry EKO:

67 % - Seasonal energy efficiency (%)
22 mg/m3
1250 mg/m3
89 mgC/m3
75 mg/m3


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