Product Characteristics:

11 kW - Nominal output
71 % - Energy efficiency
0,15 % - CO emission with 13% O2
356 °C - Fumes temperature
150 mm - Exhaust pipe diameter
110 m2 - Heating surface – parameter is based on the islation of the building (1kW x 10 m2)
175 kg
773 x 865 x 493 mm
Drewno  - Seasoned hardwood, wood briquette
Deflector extends the fumes path, increasing the temperature reflected to the room, increasing the efficiency
Fireguard protects the wood from falling out of the insert
Grill separates the ash from the burning fuel
Heat-resistant glass, withstanding the temperature up to 700°C
Afterburning is a post - combustion system that reduces the emmission of harmful substances to the environment
Air curtain prevents the sooth from settling on the glass
Warranty 2 years

Parametry EKO:

61 % - Seasonal energy efficiency (%)
24 mg/m3
1834 mg/m3
118 mgC/m3
130 mg/m3


eko produkt TORIA EKO