New line of NORDflam steel fireplace inserts ALTA meets the demands of the current market trends in energy-savings and heat recovery.

This line of products is equipped with the External Air Supply as a standard feature that makes it an ideal solution for air-tight, energy-efficient housing with heat recovery devices. 

The ALTA line of products is adapted for installing the Door Contact sensor and for cooperation with the Throttle Controller.

The door handle can be moved from the right side to the left side of the door in the inserts with the straight glass.
The side ribbing enables the installation of an additional heat accumulation equipment. 

The line of ALTA products meets the strict requirements of the German BImSchV II emission standards of the air pollutants. 

The furnace is made of 4mm thick steel sheets and the top cover is 8mm thick. 

The furnace of the insert is lined with double insulation and the door has a double glass as a standard feature. 

The size of the facade is in line with the standard measurements of the ceramic stove tiles.

Product Characteristics:

8 kW - Nominal output
83 % - Energy efficiency
0,10 % - CO emission with 13% O2
232 °C - Fumes temperature
150 mm - Exhaust pipe diameter
80 m2 - Heating surface – parameter is based on the islation of the building (1kW x 10 m2)
155 kg
H - 1320, W - 510, D - 530 mm
Drewno  - Seasoned hardwood, wood briquette
120 mm

Parametry EKO:

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